Call of Duty 2019 title ‘confirmed’ as Call of Duty Modern Warfare

At long last, it appears as though the title for the much-anticipated Call of Duty 2019 has been ousted. It seems as though the game will be something of a soft reboot titled Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It shouldn’t be long before Activision officially unveils this year’s Call of Duty game, but for now, at least, it might well be called Modern Warfare again.

Jason Schreier took to Twitter to confirm LongSensationYT’s post explaining that Call of Duty 2019 is called Call of Duty Modern Warfare. While it has yet to be officially confirmed by Activision, Jason Schreier is a trustworthy fellow. Time and time again the Kotaku news editor has been spot on about leaks concerning all sorts of games. There’s nothing saying he isn’t correct about Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Please take it with a grain of salt, however. We have to wait until Activision unveils Call of Duty 2019 before we can confirm its name.

Of course, there has already been a Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The 2007 fan-favorite Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare has spawned two sequels and even got remastered in 2016, releasing alongside Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. According to Schreier, however, 2019’s Modern Warfare is not a remake. It is an entirely new Call of Duty game. Responding to comments on his original post, Schreier explains that this year’s Modern Warfare is being treated as some kind of “soft reboot.”

What this means entirely hasn’t been explained, unfortunately. Call of Duty 2019 is still as mysterious as ever, despite us knowing that it will likely be called Modern Warfare and be something of a soft reboot for the franchise. Thankfully, however, E3 is right around the corner. Activision is bound to unveil the mysterious Call of Duty 2019 at some stage during the event. Time will tell what the supposed Call of Duty Modern Warfare will bring to the table.