New Nintendo Direct announced, will focus on Pokemon Sword and Shield

A new Nintendo Direct has been announced that will air ahead of E3 2019, with it set to feature 15 minutes of new information related to Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Pokemon Direct will air on June 5, Nintendo has confirmed, days before the company’s presentation at this year’s E3.

Nintendo revealed that the Direct event will air at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT/2 PM BST, and it’s set to focus on the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon games. As the company will also air a Nintendo Direct during E3 2019, it seems that it’s looking to get the new Pokemon info out of the way before the event. This means that its E3 presentation could focus on new games, or another major upcoming release such as Animal Crossing.

During E3 2018, Nintendo spotlighted Super Smash Bros Ultimate for much of its presentation, leading some to speculate that the company may do the same with Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, now it seems likely that this won’t be the case, as focusing on Pokemon ahead of E3 suggests that Nintendo is freeing up space in its Direct to focus on other games.

The biggest Switch release of 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield promises to be Nintendo’s major blockbuster for this year, following on from the success of last year’s Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee. With Detective Pikachu also earning $161 million in its opening weekend — the most successful opening weekend for a film based on a video game in US box office history — there will likely be plenty of newcomers to the franchise inspired to pick up the new game after seeing the movie.

The Pokemon Direct should feature plenty of new information crammed into its 15 minutes, so be sure to keep it tuned to GameRevolution on June 5 to find out what Nintendo and developer Game Freak have up their sleeves.