Magic the Gathering TV series in development, produced by Russo brothers

A Magic: The Gathering TV series is coming to Netflix. The as-yet-unnamed animated series will develop a completely new storyline in the Magic: The Gathering universe. This would be the first time Magic: The Gathering has been successfully adapted to screen after a failed attempt by Fox in 2014.

With the Russo brothers set to be executive producers after just coming off the heels of their incredibly successful Avengers: Endgame, the Magic: The Gathering series is off to a strong start. Lead writers and co-exec producers Henry Gilroy and Jose Molina are in charge of the story direction and will work with M:TG parent company Wizards of the Coast to creatively establish episode order and length.  The animated series has no targetted release date.

Magic: The Gathering was created by Richard Garfield in 1993. The trading card game became world-renowned and now boasts a fan base of over 38 million players. The cards have been published in 11 languages and in over 70 countries. Along with the ever-expanding card game, M:TG has novels, comics, esports, and an online version of the game called Magic: The Gathering Arena. In 1999, Hasbro acquired Wizards of the Coast and has owned the company ever since.

While Magic: The Gathering has multiple storylines within the game, and the new series will focus on a brand-new plot, the basic premise focuses on people with superior magical abilities called Planeswalkers. As their name suggests, these people are able to travel between the planes of the multiverse on a whim, and it’s often up to the good-hearted ones to save the universe from destruction at the hands of evil forces.

The Russo brothers have been long-time fans and players of Magic: The Gathering. Fans can rest assured that the series is in the experienced hands of fellow fans, and I look forward to seeing where in the multiverse they take us.