Beyond Good and Evil 2 stream revealed Mammago Garage (but not much else)

The fifth Space Monkey Report was featured on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel today. The big reveal of this Beyond Good and Evil 2 stream was the return of the Mammago Garage. Yes, it looks like players can return to the Mammago family for all their vehicular needs. The stream only offered a short glimpse at the updated family, instead focusing more on concept art than the information fans crave.

The Mammago Garage served as a vehicle shop in the first Beyond Good and Evil. It was stocked with vending machines and gear, and could fix the player up with all sorts of space vessels. The Mammago Garage became a fan-favorite mostly due to the nature of the Mammago family who owned it. It’s not often we get to interact with bipedal Rastafarian rhinos, but the Mammago family filled this oddly-specific hole that gamers didn’t know their lives had. Judging by the concept art, the Rastafarian natures of the Mammago family have been kept intact for the prequel.

Mammago Garage aside, the stream didn’t reveal anything groundbreaking. The concept art that was shown off was beautifully done, and we saw some previously-revealed gameplay. However, information such as a release window, platform goals, or anything concrete was sadly absent from the stream.

So far we know Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have co-op, ship customization, ability augmentation, and more. Ubisoft is trying to pull off an open-world game of truly epic proportions. If its vision is successfully realized, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have no trouble becoming a massive hit. That said, there is a lot to be seen of the game itself, and many questions still remain unanswered. Unfortunately, the game will not be having an appearance at E3 this year. We’ll have to wait for more information to continue to trickle out over time and keep hoping one of the upcoming Space Monkey Reports will address the questions everyone’s asking.