E3 2019 | Roller Champions release window and gameplay revealed

Ubisoft has announced the heavily rumored Roller Champions. During Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference, the company revealed Roller Champions with a gameplay trailer. The company also confirmed the Roller Champions release window. The free-to-play online multiplayer sports game was only confirmed for PC, however.

Roller Champions looks like something a little different from Ubisoft’s regular schedule filled with brooding open world action games. The bright and breezy roller derby arena game is something of a fresh of breath air for the company, which also revealed Watch Dogs Legion today. The Roller Champions release date on PC is a vague early 2020 one. A free alpha build demo is available to download and play today on PC, until June 14, 2019, however. Time to get some practice in order before hitting the arenas, we think.

Roller Champions gameplay revealed

Alongside the release date for Roller Champions, however, we also got a good look at the brand-new IP from Ubisoft. The Rocket League-like online multiplayer roller derby game is certainly colorful and bold. Ubisoft showed off a solid amount of Roller Derby gameplay. The game appears to run fine on the handheld platform and will be looking to give Rocket League, Fortnite, and Warframe a run for their money.

Roller Champions’ gameplay looks fast, smooth, and rather frantic. You’ll be able to play in ranked matches, custom matches, quick play games, and take part in online tournaments, too, all across a variety of colorful arenas. It’s a team PvP sports game, much like the aforementioned Rocket League.

You race around an arena in a constant battle for the ball against your opponents in 3v3 gameplay. You can pass the ball to each other, too, and the aim is to throw it into the hoops on the sides of the colorful arenas. Try to block your opponents in any way you can. The first team to five points is the winner. If you don’t reach five points, however, the team with the most points at the end of the seven-minute matches is the winner.

Enough from us about what Roller Champions looks like, though, time to watch it in action for yourselves. You can watch the Roller Champions official gameplay trailer below. Stick with GameRevolution for all the E3 2019 coverage you could ever need.