Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 release date set for September

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 release date is confirmed for this fall. With soccer legend Lionel Messi gracing the cover, soccer fanatics will get their hands on the next PES installment on September 10. Players will experience updated visuals, new and remastered game modes, and some legendary managers.

A key change made based on player feedback was a remastered version of the Master League. A new interactive dialogue system gives the player control of the story progression. Players can choose responses to situations based on their personality and craft their own Master League story.

You can also create and customize your own sponsor logos, more accurately customize character models, or play through the Master League as a famous face: one of several legendary icons including Maradona, Cruyff, or Zico will be available as managers. A new algorithm for the transfer market will make sure that transfers, transfer fees, and salaries are more realistic.

Brand-new game mode Matchday is a more competitive format with the essence of soccer at its core. Newcomers and veterans alike can come together to work toward a Grand Final. Accrue weekly points, get selected as a Representative for your team, and work to win the Grand Final while it’s livestreamed in Matchday mode.

Other updates include tweaks to make the game more technically realistic. These include more context-sensitive kick accuracy, new trapping techniques, more realistic defense strategies, and the addition of intentional fouls. Also included is a player interaction system that accurately recreates player personalities on the pitch.

Finally, the game promises to look better than ever. An updated lighting engine and improved player models were added, along with more realistic cutscenes and replay footage. There’s even a new preset camera angle that aims to give the game a broadcasting feel.

PES 2020 is available for preorder on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the trailer below!