Automachef release date and demo revealed

Team17 is in a cooking mood right now, which seemingly began with the release and subsequent success of Overcooked. Now, the publisher’s latest foray into the realm of Gordon Ramsay’s domain has secured a release date. That’s right, Team17 and Hermes Interactive have revealed the Automachef release date. The release date for Automachef on Steam and Nintendo Switch is soon, too. What’s more, Team17 has also revealed a free Automachef demo for Steam.

If designing, building, and maintaining an automated kitchen sounds like the game for you, you’ll be glad to hear the Automachef release date. The Automachef release date is July 23, 2019, on both Nintendo Switch and Steam. You know what that means. Time to start drawing up the automated kitchen designs of your dreams. You can watch through the release date reveal trailer at the end of this post.

PC owners can download a free Automachef demo on Steam right now, too. This should give you a solid taste of what’s to come in Automachef. In the demo, you’ll be able to play through two tutorial stages and three early-game campaign levels. Team17 will be hoping that this will give players a good chance to try out the game’s supposedly challenging puzzles for themselves a good while before the full game releases.

For those not in the know, according to Team17, Automachef is a “challenging kitchen creating puzzler.” There will be three modes in the game: Campaign, Contracts Mode, and the freeplay Test Site mode. It’s up to you to create an automatic, efficient fast-food empire without burning everything. It looks to be a challenging, frantic puzzle game. The likes of a robot helper, blueprint tools, and more should help you out. If it all sounds a little confusing, the free demo on Steam available to download and play right now should help you figure it all out.

Watch the Automachef release date reveal trailer below: