The Surge 2 gameplay video shows 10 minutes of alpha action

The Surge 2 gameplay video has been revealed, showing nearly 10 minutes of gameplay from the alpha of Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s upcoming game. Deck13’s Head of Game Design Adam Hetenyi takes us straight into the city of Jericho, showing off a variety of different gameplay and showing how the player’s choices will have serious consequences in this troubled city.

The first few moments of The Surge 2 gameplay video show a drone trying to make it past a checkpoint, but it gets shot down out of the air. Adam Hetenyi tries to get past the checkpoint meant to prevent the spread of a techno-virus by simply running through the gates, but he unfortunately finds himself assailed by three heavily-armed guards. Adam goes for an alternate approach, taking care to mention that there are going to be “lots and lots of alternate routes, secrets you can discover, [and] shortcuts.”

Adam runs down a side alley and discovers a Shady Doctor in a ruined building. He mentions that you’ll have a lot of freedom in dealing with the NPCs, up to and including outright killing them simply to take their stuff. He did warn, however, that there would be consequences if you opted for unprovoked violence against random NPCs.

The Shady Doctor asks the player to retrieve the drone that was shot down. In exchange, the player would be able to use the med station built into the slapdash clinic for free. Adam accepts the quest and heads into a ruined building, encountering a scavenger. We get to see a bit of combat and how the player can target specific body parts, ultimately culminating in the player chopping off the bad guy’s arm and picking up a schematic for that particular piece of armor. A couple more scavengers were handily dispatched, and the player also chopped off the arms of a robotic drone, swapping them onto his armor.

A few more enemies were fought in The Surge 2 gameplay video before Adam dropped down into an arena and fought a gigantic mechanical boss. Once again, Adam highlighted how you can target body parts of everything — bosses included. You can destroy the weaponry of the boss, creating weak spots and robbing them of one of their attacks. Ths boss is felled in spectacular fashion and this is where the gameplay video ends.

You can watch The Surge 2 gameplay video for yourself below. The Surge 2 releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 24, 2019.