Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night requests fan feedback for cosmetics DLC

Fans of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night might be able to get a bit fancier in upcoming DLCs. Along with the 13 free DLCs promised with the game, developer ArtPlay is looking to keep most DLC and extras free, it is considering making some extra money by offering cosmetic DLCs. In a poll posted on Twitter, ArtPlay asked fans about their preferred price ranges and possible outfits for the cosmetic packs.

While Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will continue to provide those 13 free DLCs and other promised extras, developer ArtPlay is considering ways to make money in order to keep giving players extra free content. In a poll posted to Twitter, ArtPlay said, “Although the vast majority of the extra stuff we want to make is free, we also have to make some money to be able to do that.” To boost funds, optional cosmetics packs might be available for purchase in the future.

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To make sure the cosmetics are up to fan standards, the poll surveyed asked questions regarding pricing and outfits fans would like to see, along with some standard demographics questions. Though subject to change, as of now each pack would contain a headgear accessory, an alternate version of the headgear, a back accessory (wings, scarves, etc.), full outfit replacement, boots, a weapon, and a shard. Everything in the packs would appear visually in-game. Some potential outfits available on the poll included schoolgirl, steampunk, angel, vampire, demon, samurai, ninja, cowgirl, and chef, to name but a few.

Prices for the potential packs varied from one dollar to ten. There’s no indication when the poll will close, when we’ll see the results, or when any decisions will be made regarding the future DLCs. Should ArtPlay go forward with the cosmetics, players will likely have some interesting new visuals to play around with before long.