Kojima Responds To Rumors

As much as I wish I could say otherwise, when I think Kojima, I think Metal Gear Solid. Remember Zone of the Enders? You obviously don't. If you did you would have bought those games and Hideo Kojima could be making those for the rest of his life. How about Kojima Productions and the work they did on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? Oh, see what I mean? Didn't even know the guy had anything to do with that huh?

On a recent podcast, Hideo Kojima replied frankly and quickly to several rumors surrounding the work he's doing and what's going to happen at E3 2011. They all had to do with Metal Gear Solid in some way or another:

-Will you appear at the Microsoft E3 press conference? No.

Will you announce Metal Gear Solid 5? No.

Will MGS 3D be released by the end of 2011? Yes.

Is Doctor Lautrec the new title from the Metal Gear staff? No.

Did Kojima Productions not work on Metal Gear Arcade? Yes.

Is Gray Fox the main character in MGS Rising? No.

Will MGS Rising's multiplayer be shown? No.

Is MGS Rising's release date November 1, 2011? No.

Will MGS4 be ported to NGP? No.

Are you planning something big for Metal Gear's 25th anniversary next year? Yes.

Did any of these answers shock you? Thanks for clearing that up, Kojima-san. Watch out! Those Konami slave drivers are back! Better start making more Metal Gear!