Catherine: Full Body demo now available on PSN

Altus will soon be unleashing Catherine: Full Body, the updated re-release of their 2011 psychological block puzzle romance thriller, on PS4. To help players wrap their heads around what exactly the game is, the company has just released a Catherine: Full Body demo right now on PSN.

Catherine: Full Body tells the story of Vincent Brooks who’s caught between three different Catherines: his girlfriend Katherine, the mysterious Catherine, and new addition Rin. His romantic predicament manifests in dreams where he must climb a tower of blocks. This is on top of untangling his relationships with the three women and hopefully choosing one of them, or else.

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The Catherine: Full Body demo gives players a small taste of how this all plays out. While it won’t have the full game’s multiple endings, it will introduce players to the characters involved. This gives them a chance to choose which of Vincent’s prospects they want him to end up with.

Aside from the updated story and new character, Catherine: Full Body also brings more puzzles than the original, 500 of them to be exact. This is on top of the new “Remix Mode” that changes the existing levels, adding complex linked blocks that require players to rethink their approach. Additionally, the game’s head to head “Colosseum Mode” will now be available from the start. Players previously had to unlock this in the 2011 original.

Of course, players who don’t want to have to deal with the puzzles can also play the game’s “Safety Mode.” This lets players simply skip any puzzle and just experience Vincent’s story instead. The original was notorious for its steep difficulty.

A special Launch Edition of the game is coming for those who pre-order or pick the game up on day one. This includes a metal case featuring Katherine, Catherine, and Rin. This is on top of the Catherine: Full Body “Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition which includes the same metal case, soundtrack CD, sheep plush doll, and hardcover art book.

Pre-orders for both are now open at select retailers. Digital pre-orders on the other hand will come with static PlayStation 4 theme. Additionally, the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition will also come with Persona 5 main character Joker as free DLC (though he’ll eventually be available for purchase later on).

Speaking of Persona 5, Atlus is also holding a special Catherine: Full Body and Persona 5 Royal art exhibit featuring the work of Shigenori Soejima and the Atlus Art Unit. The exhibit will take place from August 17 to September 1 at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles.