Next-gen Neo Geo console in development at SNK

Slowly but surely, SNK has been worming its way back into the hardware business with the Neo Geo Mini. Now, it seems that the company is about to make its most ambitious leap yet: SNK has revealed it’s working on next-gen Neo Geo hardware.

SNK made the reveal of the next-gen Neo Geo in a recent tweet. The announcement stated that the new hardware would have “a modern design and wonderful play feeling.” Aside from that, it also revealed that the new Neo Geo would be able to be linked to the Neo Geo Mini.

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Releasing an actual new console seems like a risky move in this day and age. While dedicated gaming hardware such as consoles still remain relevant, other platforms such as mobile and streaming have proved to be just as viable, or even more so.

With this in mind, some may question the wisdom of SNK actually releasing a next-gen console. The company certainly doesn’t have the clout of Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft. That said, SNK does have an advantage that others don’t have, at least for one specific and rather large market—a Chinese parent company. In 2015, Chinese firm Ledo Millenium acquired SNK for $65 million.

China only lifted its ban on video game consoles in 2013. Since then, consoles have been trying to play catch up to other platforms. A console from a company owned by a Chinese parent like SNK might have an easier time making inroads into the country. Adding to this is the fact that SNK already has acquired decent following in China thanks to the popularity of its King of Fighters franchise.

Could this be part of SNK’s and Ledo Millenium’ master plan, then? Are they banking on both the company’s Chinese connection and its popularity to give the new console a leg-up? We’ll likely find out soon enough, as SNK has stated that it will have more information on the new Neo Geo in the future.