Nintendo Direct August 2019 time and content plan announced

Nintendo has taken to Twitter in order to announce its upcoming Nintendo Direct August 2019 presentation, which will focus on independently developed games which are coming to the hybrid Nintendo Switch platform. A tradition started by late Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata, Nintendo Direct presentations see the Japanese games company address their fanbase directly, often in order to cut out middleman shows like E3 and the upcoming Gamescom. They come in many different flavours, and now we know that the next offering — scheduled for the upcoming Monday, August 19 — will focus on indie games.

Affectionately dubbed “Nindies,” the live-streamed presentation will spend “roughly 20 minutes” filling people in on information regarding an unspecified number of independent upcoming Nintendo Switch games. As such, the “all-new” take on proceedings has been dubbed “Indie World” and is set to take place at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET.

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Nintendo has seen plenty of success in welcoming indie developers with open arms to the Switch, having reportedly been less accommodating where the Wii U was concerned. That being said, the Wii U wasn’t a prime destination for developers to begin with, having suffered from poor hardware sales throughout its relatively short lifespan. Now, however, it’s not uncommon to see indie games occupying the upper echelons of the downloaded software charts or even topping the list completely. Many gamers prefer to enjoy the often lighter entertainment of an independent game on the go, which makes the Nintendo Switch a very attractive platform, given that it also boasts the diversity to switch to playing on a TV screen if so desired.

With the popularity and financial success of making indies integral to the Switch ecosystem, it’s no surprise to see Nintendo doubling down on support with the announcement of this upcoming event. If it takes your interest, be sure to visit the official stream page and set a reminder, then keep your schedule free for 6 am PT/9 am ET on Monday, August 19. If you can’t make it live, Nintendo usually provides the stream on-demand via their YouTube channel.