Forza Motorsport 6 leaving the Xbox Marketplace soon

While it’s no longer the newest game in the series, Forza Motorsport 6 still represents one of the best racing games ever made. However, it looks like players who missed out on it will only have a limited time left to pick it up as Microsoft is about to delist Forza Motorsport 6 from the Xbox Marketplace on September 15.

A new “Forza Week in Review” post on the series’ official website stated that Forza Motorsport 6 will enter “End of Life” status on that date. With this, the game and its DLC will no longer be available for purchase. Players who do have the game and its DLC however, will still be able to play it.

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Of course, Forza series fans are likely already familiar with this. Since the move to the Xbox One and digital distribution, all Forza games eventually reach this “End of Life” status after a certain point. Now, this does beg the question of why Forza Horizon 6 is being delisted. The most likely reason probably has to do with all the licensing involved in creating a game like Forza. Some of the licenses agreements are most likely tied to individual games, and when these run out, said game gets delisted.

For those looking to pick the game up however, there is some good news. This month’s Xbox Games With Gold includes Forza Motorsport 6. Not only does this allow Xbox Live Gold members to download the game for free, the game’s DLC has been reduced from its original $100 price, down to $5. Considering that the game has over 450 cars, including the stunning second generation Ford GT super car (a car that Ford actually revealed at the game’s unveiling), on top of 27 track, this represents a pretty staggering value for those who are interested.