Ion Fury devs criticized for comments on transgender kids and feminism

Developers behind the recently released Ion Fury have been criticized for comments made on 3D Realms‘ public Discord server, which include saying that parents “trying to decide [if] your child is trans at birth” have “mental problems,” and referring to sex reassignment surgery as “mutilating a perfectly healthy body.”

The Discord server, which includes channels for a variety of 3D Realms’ published games, also includes a channel for Ion Fury‘s Voidpoint development team. The developers’ comments, signified by their blue usernames to indicate that they are Voidpoint employees, have garnered negative attention after being posted to the ResetEra forum.

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The comments, compiled by ResetEra/GameRevolution and verified by GameRevolution, include Ion Fury developer ‘terminx’ discussing the SlutWalk, a protest that started as a result of a Toronto police officer saying that “women should avoid dressing like sluts” if they wanted to avoid sexual assault. Terminx explained that they didn’t “understand” the concept of the protest, as there are people who complain when developers “portray women dressed the same way” in video games:

ion fury discord 2

In another comment posted in February, terminx commented on how those “trying to decide your child is trans at birth” have “mental problems and probably shouldn’t be a parent”:

Another developer under the username ‘Daedolon’ referred to sex reassignment surgery as “mutilating a perfectly healthy body”:

Ion Fury discord 1

When another user responded by saying that sex reassignment surgery was not an example of trans people mutilating their bodies, Daedolon responded: “According to you.”

ion fury discord 3

When Daedolon was asked about how many trans people they personally know, they responded: “I can count them with a single hand, is this a competition?

Daedolon also referred to the “whole sjw concept” as “getting upset on behalf of other people,” adding: “someone says retarded and they jump in to claim it hurts som”eone.”

ion fury discord sjw

Voidpoint hasn’t officially responded to the criticisms of their comments, though the developers responsible have made their thoughts clear in the Discord server.

“I think somebody just doesn’t like us and has been looking for a way to try and sh** on us for a while tbh,” terminx wrote. “Before this it was weekly 4chan sh**posts from the opposite angle calling us “sjw cucks” because [Ion Fury’s protagonist] shelly isn’t naked.”

Terminx added: “I feel like most of the people who would have bought and enjoyed the game are smart enough to see through this smokescreen of bullsh**.”

We have reached out to Voidpoint and will update this story when if we receive a response.