Ghostrunner turns you into a wall-running cyber ninja, coming 2020

If you like cyberpunk, ninjas, or cyberpunk ninjas, then you’re going to find something to love in One More Level and All In! Games’ newly-announced title Ghostrunner. Set in the far cyberpunk future, you’ll get to run along walls and chop people to bits with a katana as you try to unravel a mystery that can save humanity. Awesome.

A joint release from One More Level and Publisher All In! Games, Ghostrunner is a first-person shooter that has a distinct lack of guns. Rather than blast enemies to bits with a minigun, you’ll get to hack and slash with an awesome cybernetic katana. Speed and agility are key; while you may prefer a more civilized weapon for a more civilized time, your enemies have no compunctions about microwaving your cyberninja butt with laser blasters.

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Thankfully, you have a bit more in your toolkit that just a cool ninja sword. Climbing, wall-running, and agility are key parts of your arsenal that will help you ascend the landscape and close the distance with your enemies. You’ll also have some kind of energy grapple, because it’s a cyberpunk game and that’s cool so why not.

Of course, there’s a method to the madness. After all, you’re not just running around slashing bad guys for no reason. A global catastrophe has taken humanity to the brink, causing all of them to hole up in one last bastion of civilization: A massive tower built by someone called the Architect. Ruled over by the Keymaster, your value is solely determined by how many implants you have and how well you can use them.

Utilizing your cybernetic enhancements, you must ascend the tower in both cyberspace and the real world in your quest to discover how to save humanity. Figure out the solution to this problem or die; there is no middle ground.

Ghostrunner will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2020. In the meantime, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and see it in action in the trailer below.