Marvel’s Avengers gameplay revealed with nearly 19 minutes of footage

Despite the aura of skepticism surrounding its original unveiling at E3 2019, Marvel has finally unleashed that footage to the general public. The company uploaded a video showcasing over 18 minutes of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay that shows the squad of heroes that will be available at launch.

The gameplay begins in San Francisco, California during A-Day, a sort of holiday to celebrate The Avengers. Everything seemed fine and dandy until an explosion was seen coming from the Golden Gate Bridge. Captain America (voiced by The Walking Dead: A New Frontier‘s Jeff Schine) orders Thor (Travis Willingham) and Iron Man (Nolan North) to go check it out.

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The nearly 19-minute video showcases all the Avengers that will be available at launch. This includes Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow. Each one of the heroes plays as you would expect. Thor uses the power of thunder and his hammer Mjölnir, Iron Man uses his Stark tech and suit, Hulk smashes, Captain America throws his shield, and Black Widow wields pistols and other spy gadgets.

The ending portion shows Black Widow in action against Taskmaster, a villain who can mimic anyone’s movements as he sees them. It starts with Black Widow on the back of Taskmaster in a quick time event sequence. It then moves to a boss battle between the two where Black Widow eventually uses a gadget that turns her invisible to defeat Taskmaster. Although they won the battle, things do not end well for the Avengers.

The first details for Marvel’s Avengers were revealed during E3 2019. While initially a little vague and confusing, the upcoming game from Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix is a co-op action-adventure with RPG elements that features up to four-player co-op. The game will also add more heroes for free after it launches on May 15, 2020.