Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy will appear in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter developer Capcom has just revealed that the upcoming Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion will feature a crossover that allows players to take control of Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy. The announcement came via the release of a teaser trailer on the official Monster Hunter Youtube channel, and will specifically see the version of Aloy from Horizon‘s Frozen Wilds expansion join the game. This makes perfect sense, what with her original incarnation having featured in vanilla MH World and her already being appropriately outfitted for the snowy winter setting which both post-launch DLCs share.

Just like Guerrilla Games’ hit title itself, this crossover will only feature on the PS4 platform. It’s not currently known whether Xbox One and PC players will receive any sort of equivalent, but it doesn’t seem all that likely when this collaboration has happened once before and was pretty much a no-brainer to bring back; the two expansions share very similar settings and gameplay mechanics, after all. Then there’s also the fact that PlayStation 4 has been the target platform throughout the Monster Hunter World and Iceborne marketing campaigns to consider.

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The reveal trailer (below) doesn’t disclose how PS4 players can get their hands on The Frozen Wilds‘ Aloy—be it via a free update, paid DLC, or any other alternate method—though it does show a glimpse of her in action. She’s hunted by an off-screen monster and pulls out a Horizon Zero Dawn weapon, confirming that she’ll be bringing at least one element of her extensive arsenal along with her. Beyond that, all we get is a reaffirmation of the Iceborne expansion’s September 6 release date.

If you want to hunt as Aloy you’ll need to pick Monster Hunter World: Iceborn up on PS4, though it’ll also be available on PC and Xbox One on the same date. Iceborne will be available as a standalone downloadable expansion, or both physically and digitally as a bundle with the main game.