WWE superstar Asuka started a YouTube Gaming channel called KanaChan TV

WWE fans are likely familiar with the company’s talent taking to YouTube in order to stream video game-related content. Now, one of its brightest stars is once again going down that path: WWE superstar Asuka recently opened a new YouTube gaming channel called KanaChan TV.

The fact that Asuka, real name Kanako Urai, opened a YouTube gaming channel shouldn’t come as a surprise to her most ardent fans. The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion is a known gamer, often posting about various video games on her Twitter. This is on top of appearing on the gaming-focused YouTube channels of other WWE stars.

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However, her roots in gaming run much deeper than just playing them. Asuka previously worked as a freelance video game writer, writing for Xbox Magazine in Japan. Additionally, she’s also been involved in game development: She did graphic design work for a number of Nintendo DS and mobile games. Additionally, she also did motion capture for Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5.

Asuka started teasing her new channel last week, where she posted a series of tweets of her building a new gaming setup at home. She followed this up with a tweet of her designing a logo for what would eventually be revealed to be KanaChan TV. Her first video, after launching the channel, shows her trying out a rather difficult level in Super Mario Maker 2. Sadly, at least for English speakers, the video does contain some untranslated Japanese, though even that can’t dampen the emotion and excitement coming from her.

Of course, KanaChan TV isn’t the first gaming-focused YouTube channel from a WWE wrestler. Xavier Woods, another alum of WWE’s developmental brand NXT, currently runs the UpUpDownDown channel which features not just him, but a number of other pro wrestlers (including some outside of the WWE) playing video games and getting involved in a number of video game-related challenges. Of course, this raises the question of whether UpUpDownDown and KanaChan TV will do a crossover. Asuka’s appeared on the former before, so such a crossover seems highly likely.