New Pokemon Sword and Shield details: Pokemon Camp, outfits, hairstyles, League Cards, and Surprise Trades

During today’s Nintendo Direct we got to see some new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Pokemon Camps will allow you to spend time with your Pokemon and cook them food as well as connect with other trainers in the Wild Area. There was also news concerning how you’ll be able to customize your trainer, with hairstyles and clothes showcased. An updated form of Mystery Trades called Surprise Trades was revealed in the Nintendo Direct alongside League Cards, which can provide detailed info about a trainer and handed out to other players.

Pokemon Camps are like an expanded version of Pokemon Amie and allow you to spend time with your Pokemon camping. You can play with your Pokemon using Poke Toys or bouncing balls as well as cook with them. Curry will be the cuisine on the menu, and you can make a ton of different varieties. There’s even a Curry Dex to keep track of them all.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Cooking Nintendo Direct

In the Wild Area, which exists between the towns of Galar, you can set up Pokemon Camps and hang out with other trainers. Up to four players can hang out, play with each other’s Pokemon, and make Curry together.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct League Card

The cosmetic options have been expanding in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well. Boutiques and hair salons are scattered throughout Galar, which will offer unique clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and makeup.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct Cosmetics

League Cards can be made using Rotomi and can be freely exchanged with other trainers. Backgrounds, frames, and more can be customized, and you can think of them as your personal business card.

Surprise Trades replace the Mystery Trade function and make the process of random trading even easier. You just have to select a Pokemon from one of your boxes, hit the Surprise Trade function, and keep playing the game as a trade partner is automatically found. This will allow you to quickly send unwanted Pokemon off with the chance of getting one you desire.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is shaping up to be the most feature-packed Pokemon entry yet. It releases on Nintendo Switch on November 15.