World of Warcraft Recruit-A-Friend program is enraging the community

Activision Blizzard is teasing the return of the World of Warcraft Recruit-A-Friend program, but the community isn’t pleased with the way that the system works. It’s not the quality of the rewards that is at stake, nor the requirements that you need to comply with.

It’s the decision to make the items exclusive to the Recruit-A-Friend program that is enraging the community. Veteran WoW players in particular are expressing their dislike for the fact that they don’t get veteran rewards as they see it as odd way for Blizzard to say “thanks for playing all these years.”

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The World of Warcraft Recruit-A-Friend rewards are stylish Egyptian mounts, pets, titles, and items. The Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack is something that some players are interested in, but it is locked behind a paywall that requires your friends to pay, as Kotaku reported.

The Recruit-A-Friend program allows you to earn game time and in-game rewards by linking with up to 10 friends, depending on the time that your friends spend playing and paying the monthly subscription. The backpack, for example, requires that one of your friends plays WoW for 10 months, while the Renowned Explorer’s Attire needs 12 months of an active subscription.

While you can cut some corners to get the rewards if you get multiple friends playing WoW, it still sounds like a daunting task for some cosmetics that could be easily purchased individually.

The timing of the Recruit-A-Friend program relaunch is also criticized by the community. Releasing “in the next few months,” some players claim that this timing isn’t accidental. Many WoW Classic players have convinced their friends to join them in the game, but the Recruit-A-Friend program rewards can’t be used in WoW Classic. This is leading to many questions about the option to retroactively add players to the program, something that Blizzard is yet to respond to. We’ll see if the coming months will bring any changes to the Recruit-A-Friend program.