Rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype is going to be sold

A long time ago in this galaxy, Sony and Nintendo were once working together to make a single console. A rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype was created, but it never saw the light of day as Nintendo decided to part ways with Sony before the project was completed. Now, an owner of one of these prototypes is reportedly putting it up for sale.

ResetEra highlighted Cedric Biscay’s tweet which has the good news along with a few pictures of this mysterious monster of a console (one of which we’ve used for our header image, so all credit to him on that one).

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“Terry Diebold that we have invited several years ago at @MagicMonaco just informed me that he wants to sell his Nintendo PlayStation official prototype,” Mr. Biscay said on Twitter. “I am very curious to know about the final price for this! I guess a crazy World Record will happen…”

The Nintendo PlayStation prototype is properly called the Super NES CD-ROM and it would mark the first time that Nintendo attempted to use an optical disc drive in one of their consoles. This project failed, and the 64DD (Disc Drive) add-on for the N64 never made it out of Japan; it wasn’t until the GameCube of the early 2000s that Nintendo managed to step away from cartridges in one of its core home consoles.

The prototype console had roughly half the power of the SEGA CD and has some intriguing visual quirks, namely the fact that it says “Sony PlayStation” on the outside but has ports for Super Nintendo controllers.

Wherever this Nintendo PlayStation prototype is sold, it’s sure to fetch a pretty price; as far as we know, this is the only physical example of the console in existence. We may well see the world record auction price that Mr. Biscay has predicted.