Gears 5 quitters are being banned for 640 days

Developer The Coalition isn’t taking kindly to Gears 5 quitters, throwing the ban hammer so hard and so far that it is hitting players for 640 days.

This elongated and possibly unprecedented ban came as quite a shock to some Gears 5 players, who were baffled by the ban message. Upon further inspection, The Coalition has confirmed that at least a couple of bans were due to frequent quitting.

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Quitting in multiplayer games is an issue that is yet to be solved for good, but Gears 5 is going for a merciless, take-no-prisoners approach. The warning came a couple of days ago from Dana Sissons, director of communications for Gears of War.

One Gears 5 player who was suspended for 640 days went on Reddit to expose his case. After investigating the issue, Sissons tweeted that in a single day, this person “played 21 escalation matches and quit 18 of them.” Another similar report surfaced, once again a player who has been banned for nearly two years. Sissons tweeted that “he is a chronic quitter – in fact, he quit 18 of 21 matches today alone,” he said, adding that “His quitting ruins the game for the other 9 people he was playing with.”

Gears 5 quitters

Some players are welcoming the drastic ban measures, claiming that Gears 5 quitters negatively affect the rank of others, because there aren’t enough players on the rival team to keep scoring points. Others believe that an incremental penalty system would be more reasonable, citing CS:GO as an example. In Valve’s game, your first quit results in a 30-minute cooldown, the second time it goes up to two hours, and so on.

But there is still hope for the banned players: The Coalition revealed that impacted users will be unsuspended, but they are one quit away from suspension. The tweet ends with a brooding “You have been warned,” as the looming threat of a 640-day ban hangs over the heads of the “quit-happy” Gears 5 players.