Death Stranding Game Over leaves a mark on the world, but it’s not permanent

A Death Stranding Game Over message is something that you aren’t likely to see in Kojima’s upcoming game. This is just another detail where the famed creator is trying to stand out from the crowd, delivering a new mechanic that may not be entirely groundbreaking, but demonstrates his will to shake up old video game notions.

The new info was revealed in an interview with Famitsu, with one Reddit user translating the major details. The original Death Stranding Game Over system is just one of the topics, with the remaining answers touching upon other concepts such as void outs, the like system, and Sam’s bike, to name just a few.

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In Death Stranding, players don’t die in the traditional sense of the word. Your progress won’t be simply reset to a point right before your demise, as it happens in other video games. When Sam dies, his soul will be taken to the ocean space, where he must search for his body in order to come back to life. The world won’t remain static; it will change when you return to your timeline, with void outs playing a big role in these transformations.

Proving that what goes around comes around, the first cryptic Death Stranding trailer that puzzled the entire gaming community represents the ocean space. Sam is dead and he must search for his body to continue the adventure. There is another trailer that better illustrates the ocean space idea (via Segment Next), where we get to see Sam’s soul finding his body in the bottom of the ocean and waking up on solid ground. Skip to 5:40 to see this part.

Void outs are another concept that deserves exploring, and the Famitsu interview brings some additional info. If a BT devours you or another human body, living or dead, a void out is triggered, creating a crater in the map and making all buildings and infrastructures disappear from that area. This crater is only visible in your game world, but as time passes by and rain falls, the terrain will return to its original form and you’ll see other players building over it.

You can customize Sam’s bike with decorations and leave it for other players to use. Kojima himself customized his bike in a unique way, and you may be able to find it in the game. Sam must take heed for a human group apparently known as MULE; they are delivery men with “delivery syndrome,” and while they aren’t out to kill you, they will do their best to steal your cargo.

Death Stranding Game Over system

We have covered the likes system before, but the interview added another detail. If you are using something that was created by another player, the game will automatically give it a like, and you can give it another like manually as well.

In relation to the snow mountains that you’ll sometimes have to travel across, there is a chance that Sam may become snow blinded, making it hard to see what’s ahead. This will potentially place you in great danger, as you may fail to spot a cliff and fall to your death. Well, not death as players know it, but Death Stranding’s new breed of death.