Tell Me Why revealed by Dontnod, coming to Xbox Game Pass

Dontnod Entertainment has revealed its newest game at XO19 — and it’s not a part of the Life is Strange franchise. Tell Me Why will take players to the chilly climate of Alaska as they explore a narrative adventure game with a pair of equally interesting protagonists. One thing is for certain: Dontnod is still sticking to the episodic release schedule with Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why takes players to small-town Alaska in a true-to-life story featuring twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan. They haven’t had the easiest childhood, and now they’re trying to figure out their lives while dealing with the problems of the past.

tell me why

Like most Dontnod games, Tell Me Why will be exploring the world using an interesting narrative device. Alyson and Tyler have different memories of the same events. As you progress through the game, you’ll choose which of the twins’ memories to believe are real. The choices you make will affect your future and how close they are to one another.

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This won’t be the sort of game where you’re toting around an NPC partner for the whole time, either. Alyson and Tyler Ronan are both fully playable protagonists and equally important to the story. Tyler also marks a milestone in video games as one of the first transgender men in a leading role.

One thing players may be concerned about is the announcement that this game will also be using an episodic model, just like the previous three Life is Strange games. The time between episodes can be a pain for players who want to experience the next chapter of an adventure, but there shouldn’t be any massive gaps between the three chapters of this story. In fact, Xbox Games Studios Publishing General Manager Peter Wyse stated in a press release that all three episodes will launch during summer 2020.

Tell Me Why will be an unknown quantity in Dontnod’s catalog, but they’ve built up plenty of experience working with narrative adventure games over the last several years. Odds are good that this, too, will be a compelling and entertaining experience. You can find out for yourself when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, the Windows Store, and Steam in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, you can swing by the game’s website to learn more.