Sony confirms it isn’t working on Vita 2 or a new handheld

It may have already gone without saying, but it seems Sony has finally confirmed there will be no more PlayStation handheld systems. In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan spoke of the handheld gaming business as something Sony is no longer a part of, seemingly confirming that there will never be a PlayStation Vita 2.

Speaking to Game Informer, Ryan said the Vita was “brilliant in many ways,” but said handheld gaming is clearly “a business that we’re no longer a part of.” While Sony said in 2018 that it was stepping away from the handheld market and did not plan on creating a Vita 2 at the time, Ryan’s statement is further confirmation that fans hoping for a new handheld anytime soon are bound to be disappointed.

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Sony likely gave up on handhelds due to the prominence of mobile phone gaming and the success of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, which — five years after the Vita’s launch — fulfilled the Vita’s promise of console-quality gaming on the go. Sony ended production of the original PS Vita in March 2019.