Forza Horizon 4 battle royale ‘The Eliminator’ mode announced

It’s not exactly PUBG but Playground Games has announced a new, battle royale-inspired game mode for Forza Horizon 4. The Forza Horizon 4 battle royale mode, called “The Eliminator,” allows for 72 players to compete for victory.

The official Forza account announced the Eliminator mode on Twitter with a short trailer. Playground didn’t give many details on how the mode will work, but we can see the 72 racers driving around in a large, open area, all competing to make it to the center of a constricting, Fortnite-style bubble. It appears there will be some sort of “loot drop”-like system, marked by purple smoke and some banner-carrying drones. Instead of getting better weapons as they would in a traditional battle royale, it looks like players will receive more powerful car models when driving over these pick-ups.

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The Eliminator mode will be free for all players, and the Forza account later clarified that the new battle royale mode will launch tomorrow, December 12. For those curious about the mode’s mechanics, we’ll be looking out for full patch notes.