No, this PS5 leak is probably not real

With the recent reveal of the Xbox Series X, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a PS5 leak. Unfortunately, this PlayStation 5 leak is probably not real, and the clue is right in front of our noses.

ResetEra has highlighted a story from the Japanese website IT Media which itself is reporting on an image that popped up on a separate Japanese website. The website purports to show a PS5 leak with a brand-new console design and a very different controller from what we’re used to seeing from Sony. It certainly looks like a cool design, but it’s probably not real for a few reasons.

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The first key point to highlight is that IT Media detailed the following two distinct versions of the PS5, one of which would presumably be called the PS5 Pro:

  • A 1TB SSD version for ¥68,800 (≈$637.88)
  • A 4TB SSD version for ¥109,880 (≈$1,004.16)

Thankfully, IT Media had the sense to reach out to Sony. According to IT Media, a Sony representative stated that the image is not real, nor are any of the listed facts about the different console versions correct.

It can, of course, be a smokescreen, as perhaps Sony is trying to cover up a PS5 leak by outright denying it? Even if Sony were trying to cover its tracks, there’s one other clue in the PS5 leak you see above: the controller.

PS5 leak Dualshock 5 patent

The above image is from a patent for the DualShock 5 that was made available to read not even a month ago. While there are several surprises in the new design (most notably the lack of a light bar), the DualShock 5 in the patent is still quite obviously a PlayStation controller. The controller in the image, however, looks like something closer to an Xbox One controller with its offset analog sticks. It also has different button placement than what we see in the image above.

So no, this particular PS5 leak probably isn’t real. Don’t fret, though, as we can’t imagine it’s long before we see the real thing, since the PS5 is definitely coming in 2020.

[Image credit: IT Media]