Rumor: New Star Wars game set 400 years before Skywalker Saga

With the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, fans might be wondering what the next Star Wars game will be all about. According to one well-known leaker, there will be a new Star Wars game set in a new era dubbed “The High Republic” — and it’s set to kick off the next wave of the franchise.

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As Making Star Wars reports, they’ve been in contact with sources behind the scenes of Star Wars production. According to these sources, the next step in the film’s franchise will be set 400 years prior to the events of the most recent films in an era that we’ve never seen before called The High Republic. The aesthetics and setting may well be a little more fun and a little less grimdark this time around, too, although their information on that particular aspect is a little shakier.

Furthermore, a website called also reported on what’s being called “Project Luminous,” the umbrella term for all things in the new generation of Star Wars, so it’s looking like this particular aspect is a little more believable.

The gaming bit of the news, though, is this: this entire project is said to be starting off not with a movie or a book or a television show, but a video game. We don’t yet know what this new Star Wars game could be, but color us intrigued.