What game are you most excited for in 2020? | Tell GR

2020 is one of the biggest years for video games ever. Not only will we see the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year, but the current-gen is bowing out with a selection of truly massive titles. From The Last of Us 2 to Cyberpunk 2077 and beyond, there are so many games to look forward to this year that it almost feels criminal.

But what 2020 game are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll feature our favorite reply in tomorrow’s Tell GR.

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “As the resident Animal Crossing Liker, of course I am most looking forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To me, Animal Crossing is the perfect example of a series that leaves just enough of a gap between new releases to have you desperately wanting to play the next entry. I piled countless hours into New Leaf, and I’m almost certainly going to do the same with its Nintendo Switch debut.”

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “That’s a tough one. I think Final Fantasy 7 Remake wins out, but the Resident Evil 3 remake is a close second, followed by Cyberpunk 2077. I think it’s because FF7 Remake has me the most anxious of the three. I know RE3 is gonna be dynamite, and Cyberpunk is going to be entertaining whether its a masterpiece or a disaster.”

Michael Leri, features editor: “I want to say The Last of Us 2. And in fact, that is probably my true most anticipated game. But it’s hard to board the TLOU2 hype train if you’re on a strict media blackout. And in that absence, the Doom Eternal train has pulled into the station and has been coasting at hyper-speed since my preview last month as almost all of my days have been at least partially dedicated to something Doom-related. Playing the first four proper installments and constantly looping the soundtrack for three of them is one hell of a fuel source for the hype train.”