The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo gives us strong Baby Yoda vibes

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has debuted artwork of some of its more adorable creatures. There are tons of cute critters in Midgar, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo has just about stolen our hearts.

The image of the baby Chocobo is freakin’ adorable, showing a tiny, fluffy chick with hair that’s almost as wild as clouds. While Chocobos have always had a glorious mane, the head of these babies seems pretty wildly out of proportion in a hilarious way, too.

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One question that might arise is exactly why they’ve shown off art of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo in its infant form. According to the unofficial Final Fantasy wiki, they’re a rarity but they do make an appearance in the seventh game. A small white Chocobo follows around a girl in Mideel and can give the player the Contain Materia if you manage to meet certain conditions.

Of course, there’s also the sidequest featuring Chocobo breeding. While you wouldn’t exactly take this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo into battle, it makes sense that they would create some kind of art to show you what the baby critters look like.

This cutie wasn’t the only art to debut today via press assets from Square Enix; they’ve also shown off some other little guys in their own key art. One of them is quite fluffy, too, and the other is… not so much.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo friendos

The character on the right is the Cactuar, a classic creature from the Final Fantasy franchise with a proclivity for trolling the player and often running away. The image on the left, however, appears to be something much more interesting.

A Carbuncle is on the left, although it looks very different from its appearances elsewhere in the series. If you’ve missed the news, both the Carbuncle and the Cactuar will be available as Summon Materia DLC if you happen to pick up the 1st Class Edition of the game.

There’s not yet any word on if these bonus materia will be made available for players who don’t buy this special edition. In any case, you’ll be able to play with the adorable Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo when the game launches on April 10, 2020.