Unused Death Stranding catapult is a downright mystery

Death Stranding has a fair few strange things for you to figure out, but a recently-revealed Death Stranding catapult has us stumped.

The Art of Death Stranding is a recently-released book that’s exactly what it says on the tin. Kojima Productions had spent the better part of four years working on the game, and that resulted in a lot of concept art — some of which never saw the light of day.

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A submission to the /r/DeathStranding subreddit shows off an “unused catapult structure” that never made it into the game (as seen in our header image). The structure seems to be a pillar with some kind of railgun-like device on top that’s twice as tall as a man and roughly double that in length.

Redditors speculated on its uses, including just outright yeeting a package over the horizon with a 99% risk of damage. A much more sensible proposal is that the airborne package could deploy a parachute and be collected later.

Obviously, the Death Stranding catapult would probably make Sam Porter Bridges obsolete in short order, and that’s probably why it wasn’t put into the game.