Final Fantasy 7 Remake file size on PS4 takes up a lot of space after download and install

Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s file size is going to be among the biggest on the PS4. According to a leaked image of the game’s Korean box art, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake file size will be 100GB. This means players should get ready for a massive download when the game drops in April.

Of course, this leak hasn’t been confirmed as genuine, so it’s possible a 100GB download size for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is incorrect. However, since FF7 Remake is coming on two Blu-rays, there is a similar game we can compare it to. Red Dead Redemption 2 came on two Blu-rays, one used to install the game and the other to play. The physical version of RDR2 installed around 100GB of data onto the PS4, while the digital version weighed in closer to 150GB.

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With how similar the storage requirements for the physical version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake are to RDR2, it’s likely the digital version will require even more than 100GB to install. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Final Fantasy 7 Remake digital file size is 150GB or more.

The big question is what all that data is for. Is it all pre-rendered cutscenes, or has Square Enix managed to expand Midgar to the point where most of that 100GB is textures and models? Also, if Midgar is 100GB, how large will the next games in the series be? Midgar is a tiny part of FF7‘s world, so if we’re as free to explore as we were in the original, Square Enix has a ton of locations to reimagine and remake. Will we see the sequels to the first episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake balloon over 200GB?

We’ll get a chance to see what that 100GB is made of soon. Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.