Ducktales game makes a surprising return to all platforms

The much-beloved Ducktales game was sadly pulled from storefronts in August of last year. Thankfully, Capcom has brought it back on all platforms it was originally on — yes, all platforms, even the PS3 and Wii U!

A Capcom Unity blog post announced the good news. Players can now enjoy the lovely adventures of Scrooge McDuck as he travels around the world! Do bear in mind that a license agreement expired previously which caused this game to be removed; you might not want to wait on picking it up this time around because it might not come back again!

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What platforms is the Ducktales game available on?

  • PC
  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One (via Backwards Compatability)
  • Wii U
  • PC (via Steam)

Sadly, the game still isn’t available on the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, so modern players on those ecosystems are out of luck. However, an Xbox One version is indeed available via Backwards Compatability, and you could always get the game on Steam!

Ducktales was notable for being one of the excellent Disney games originally released for the NES. This is definitely a challenging platformer, though, so it’s certainly not for the faint of heart! Fans of the original cartoon can also enjoy voice acting from much of the show’s original cast, making for a heck of a fun nostalgia trip.

If you didn’t grab the game before it went away, you can pick it up again on pretty much every digital storefront it was on before. Now go have fun heading back to Duckburg!