Modern Warfare adds cute, bloodthirsty ‘Tamagotchi’ pets

Modern Warfare has a ton of customizable elements and now it arguably has its weirdest one. Infinity Ward has added a new Tamagotchi-like pet called a Tomogunchi that feeds as you get kills in multiplayer. This little pet sits on your wristwatch and grows as you gun down your opponents and complete certain objectives.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted the news with a short, cheesy video. It’s now available in the in-game store for 1,000 COD Points as a part of the associated bundle, which also includes a calling card, sticker, spray, emblem, and charm.

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Activision detailed the virtual pet in its associated blog post. Once you equip it, you can monitor it in the game by looking at your wrist. Like many humans, it only has four moods: hungry, dirty, unruly, and sleepy. Kills, completing objectives, using killstreaks, and winning feeds your Tomogunchi and lets them mature from baby to adult. Just be careful as neglecting these objectives and, in turn, your pet can cause it to die.

Modern Warfare adds cute, bloodthirsty 'Tamagotchi' pets

There are multiple different types of pets and they all have different bonus evolution conditions that let them evolve faster, which is represented by the bar that sits beneath the pet. From capturing points to getting killstreaks, players will have to discover what makes that bar fill up more quickly. There’s a ton of secrecy surrounding the Tomogunchi (“Use the ‘Watch Interact’ gesture to bank bonus charges; there are benefits when you do!”), but users will probably quickly figure out how to quickly feed their ravenous beast some violence and turn it into a hulking psychopath in no time.