New Star Wars game ‘Project Maverick’ appears on PlayStation Store

new Star Wars game has been quietly added to the European PlayStation Store. Titled Star Wars: Project Maverick, the cover image for this mysterious new title features Star Wars spaceships over a red background.

The addition of this new title was picked up by the Twitter account @psnrelease which is a bot that tracks new games added to the PlayStation Store backend. According to notable gaming forum ResetEra, this same bot had previously broke the news of the Resident Evil 3 remake and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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The game is not yet for sale and all we have to go on is the image and the game’s title. As far as we can tell in terms of Star Wars history, the only thing that currently exists in the franchise’s media is a 1979 children’s storybook called The Maverick Moon. The book is largely about Luke Skywalker and other pilots flying colony ships to uninhabited planets; a “maverick moon” (that is, a moon that is not captured by any planet’s orbit) threatens a populated planet.

It’s also possible that “Maverick” may refer to the Death Star being a “maverick moon” of sorts. It could just as easily be the callsign for a fighter pilot; the image shows a flight of X-Wings heading towards an Imperial Star Destroyer.

With the addition of this new Star Wars game to the European PlayStation Store backend, we’ll probably be hearing more about it sooner rather than later.