Fake Animal Crossing giveaways plague Twitter and annoy fans

Fake Animal Crossing giveaways are annoying the heck out of people on Twitter. They’re tricking people into following and retweeting accounts, and it doesn’t look like some of them are actually giving people Animal Crossing: New Horizons prizes as promised.

Game giveaways are nothing new, and many social media accounts like to do them to get retweets and followers. It’s standard practice these days, but it looks like some people are abusing people’s goodwill with fake giveaways of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Once such example is a relatively new Twitter account that promises a free copy of the game to everyone who retweets, follows, and tags someone else:


The @ACNHGiver account highlighted in that tweet has since been temporarily restricted, probably due to a large number of reports from Twitter users.

Other giveaways have come on and gone, and it seems to be a rampant problem — so much so that people are already making fun of them as noted in this sarcastic tweet:

Although fake Animal Crossing giveaways seems rampant, players don’t seem to care. Everyone seems to want this game, so they’re entering any and every giveaway they can. After all, it’s not like it costs you anything to retweet and follow.


If you really do want to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the safest thing you can do is save up your money and buy it. If you really must enter a giveaway, make sure it’s from a reputable source and be careful to not give them any personal or private information that could hurt you.