Modern Warfare Warzone Gulag 1v1s take Gunfight to the next level

Sharpen your first-person shooter skills: Modern Warfare Warzone Gulag 1v1s look like they’re going to be taking Gunfight to the next level. These mini-battles taking place during Modern Warfare Warzone matches take all of the best bits of Call of Duty 1v1s and raise the stakes even higher.

If you haven’t been following the leaks that go along with Call of Duty’s upcoming Warzone battle royale game, you might have missed the bit about the Gulag. Simply put, players who are taken down within the earlier portions of the game aren’t immediately eliminated; instead, they’re tossed in the Gulag and they’ll have a fighting chance to get back into battle.

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According to a video from Call of Duty YouTuber Chaos, much of the Modern Warfare Warzone Gulag 1v1s is going to seem very familiar to Gunfight fanatics. You and your opponent will be assigned a random loadout of the same weapons and dropped into a larger version of the Gulag map to battle it out.

Aside from taking place within a Warzone game, it gets even crazier than that: there is only one Gulag, so some players will be waiting their turn. These spectators can see the match happen in real time, so any of your allies who might be up there can shout out information to you. Even better (or perhaps worse), each and every one of the spectators can chuck rocks at the two combatants, adding a crazy new dimension to a 1v1 game mode that’s already pretty intense.

You can watch the full video from Chaos (re-uploaded by Mr. Ghost Gaming) below: