Nintendo Switch beats coronavirus shortage concerns

Early last month, fears of a Nintendo Switch coronavirus shortage caused a boost in sales. The company’s factory in China had slowed down production and people were worried about the launch of upcoming games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal. Now, it seems like things are finally returning to normal.

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel “@ZhugeEX” Ahmad reports that Nintendo Switch production is picking pack up and having an “immediate” effect on Japan, a country that has been badly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

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“Production is starting to ramp up again in China and Nintendo has been able to offset some of the impact by manufacturing in Vietnam,” Mr. Ahmad said on Twitter.” Impact on Japan was immediate. Impact in US and [the rest of the world] is slower but will be notable this month and next most likely.”

As for the Xbox One and PS4, they really haven’t had problems in the same way. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X on the horizon, people aren’t really buying the current generation of consoles anymore. In any case, if you were worried about a Nintendo Switch coronavirus shortage in the near future, it looks like you can breathe easy.