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FF7 Remake early release rumors sparked as digital pre-orders change

Will we be getting an FF7 Remake early release? Recent changes made to Final Fantasy 7 Remake pre-load times are hinting that we may be getting the game earlier than expected.

Users on multiple gaming forums are reporting that the pre-load date for the FF7 Remake has changed from April 7–8 to April 2–3, 2020. With Square Enix moving the pre-load date a full five days ahead, some are speculating that this means we might be getting the game earlier than its intended release date.

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There’s also the fact that physical copies are being shipped earlier to Australia and Europe to compensate for any potential shipping delays. Combined with some retailers likely breaking street dates, and the odds of an FF7 Remake early release are growing.

However, it’s not all good news. A very recent tweet from the game’s official account says “Ten days,” clearly showing that they intend to keep to its original release date, at least for now.

Why the change in pre-load times, then? Well, the PlayStation Network has lowered their download speeds in Europe and the United States. The changes in pre-load times could simply be Square Enix making sure that the Internet isn’t too stressed by this massive new release.

If we’re lucky, they may decide to pull the trigger early and let us play the FF7 Remake a few days early, but I wouldn’t hold out hope.

H/T ResetEra, Reddit

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