Terrible YouTube DMCA policy called out by Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li

UPDATE: The original version of this story incorrectly stated that Herman Li was discussing Twitch’s DMCA policy, not YouTube’s. The story has been updated to amend this error.

The YouTube DMCA policy has been called out by Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li on Twitch, with the metal music star calling the copyright strike system “out of control.”

As with many other artists, Herman Li is doing a lot of performing from his own home during the pandemic lockdown. Unfortunately, it seems that the YouTube DMCA policy has hit Herman Li pretty bad: his own music is blocked from being uploaded as videos.

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“By the way, I get the same blocking – my video’s getting blocked for playing older Dragonforce songs — can you believe it? — by Universal Music,” Li said. “They’re blocking my livestream videos from being VOD. It’s out of control.”

What appears to make this issue even more aggravating for Herman Li is that he claims Universal Music Group still owes him royalties for past work.

“I don’t have time to email these idiots that are not even paying royalties,” he added. “They owe me money. They’re not even paying it. They’re just ignoring it and not doing it.”

The clip can be viewed below:

Li insinuates that he may get lawyers involved, so we may see this issue (or the royalties issue, or even both) taken to court someday. In the meantime, you can pick up Dragonforce’s newest album Extreme Power Metal on Amazon.

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