These Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors are being discontinued

Three Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors are being discontinued. If you’re looking to grab certain colors for your Nintendo Switch console, you may want to buy them sooner rather than later.

The colors that are being discontinued are Gray, Yellow, and Dark Red. (The red is a slightly brighter shade than the default colored Joy-Con that ships with the console and is only available via import.)

Discontinued Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors Grey Yellow Red

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Japanese Nintendo reports (via ResetEra) that a notification popped up on Nintendo’s hardware accessories store on its Japanese website. The notification states that three of the seven available colors (disregarding special editions) are no longer be made.

It’s unknown exactly why these Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors are being discontinued. Presumably, it’s because they weren’t popular enough to warrant continued production.

There are a few problems, though. For one, the gray Joy-Cons ship with Nintendo Switch consoles. If this color is no longer being made, we may soon see this version of the console go away as well.

While the dark red controllers are only available via import, the yellow is not just available as a standalone color; it’s also part of a bundle featuring a dark blue left Joy-Con. That also puts the fate of this particular bundle in question as there doesn’t appear to be a dark blue right Joy-Con available. In any case, if you’ve wanted to grab any of these colors, now is probably your last chance.