PS5 reveal event will reportedly have ‘a lot’ of games

An upcoming PS5 reveal event in June 2020 will reportedly have “a lot” of games. If you’re looking forward to hearing more about what’s coming to the PlayStation 5, it’s looking like we won’t have to wait for very long.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grub put out a tweet highlighting a bunch of game events that are coming in the next few months. One of these listed events was “Slate of PlayStation”(which may be a typo for “State of PlayStation”). This particular event prompted another Twitter user to inquire about the event.

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“Slate doesn’t sound promising,” stated @PSleepo on Twitter. “My [English isn’t] the best[,] but that sounds like one [game] or something as [an] appetizer[,] right?”

“Should be an entire slate of games,” Grubb replied. “A lot.”

Whether it’s “Slate of PlayStation” or “State of PlayStation”, the upcoming PS5 reveal event in June 2020 should give us a look at some actual games instead of cool tech demos like the recent Unreal 5 engine reveal. You can look forward to this event on June 4, 2020.