Xbox Series X payment plan may be coming at launch

If you don’t have the $399–$499 needed for the rumored Xbox Series X price, there’s some good news: it looks like there will be an Xbox Series X payment plan, and it might just be available at launch. The Xbox Series X pre-order page is now live, and there’s something very interesting buried in its code.

The Xbox Series X is all set to launch sometime in the Holiday 2020 season, but we still don’t know how much it costs. Speculation on the price ranges anywhere from $399–$499, but you may not have to pay it all in one go. A snippet of the pre-order page’s source code reveals that there may be a financing plan available that would allow you to pay off your console over a period of time.

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Here’s the relevant snippet of text from the page’s source code:

<div id="financingOffer" data-m='{"cN":"financingOffer","cT":"Module_onestore-FinancingSupport","id":"m15r2a2","sN":15,"aN":"r2a2"}' data-module-id="PDP-RT-Xbox-Template|purchaseColumn|OneStore-ColumnLayoutContainer|financingOffer|OneStore-FinancingSupport">

Xbox Series X payment plan memory card

This doesn’t necessarily confirm an Xbox Series X payment plan, but it is a good indication that we may see a pricing model like this — and it certainly would make good financial sense once you consider several facts.

Firstly, indications are good that the PS5 price might be as low as $399; even if Microsoft manages to match that price, it would likely want to seek any competitive advantage that could make the Xbox Series X a more appealing option.

Take note of the Xbox All Access program: for $14.99–$24.99/month, you can get an Xbox One console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. This would give you a current-gen console and tons of games to play without having to drop a paycheck or two on your source of digital entertainment.

The Xbox All Access program has been around for a while and it’s still active; it stands to reason that Microsoft would extend this program for its next gen console. An Xbox Series X payment plan would make the console’s price a more palatable payment, even if it’s higher than the PS5. For now, you can watch the Xbox Series X pre-order page like a hawk — we certainly will!