Bloodborne PS5 and PC rumors are gaining more and more steam

The Bloodborne PS5 and PC rumors have seemingly hit their apex in this past week. In the absence of Sony’s postponed PS5 event, a few industry insiders have dropped hints about the purported remaster of FromSoftware’s 2015 classic that was supposed to debut at the reveal.

There are a few different reports that have alluded to this Bloodborne remaster. Noted bargain hunter Wario64 tweeted about a discounted PlayStation Now subscription, posing it as a way to play Bloodborne on PC if you don’t want to “wait a little longer.” He defended his claim a few times in the replies and even used a possibly coincidental God of War GIF. Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan also tweeted that he won’t comment specifically on the Bloodborne PC rumors, but he did say that FromSoftware’s fans will “have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years.”

CaseyExplosion on Twitter also added more fuel to the bonfire lantern with a few additional details. She tweeted that it was indeed going to be part of Sony’s PS5 reveal event as a remastered edition. FromSoftware, according to her, isn’t doing the port.

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YouTube user PC Gaming Inquisition seemingly put all of these pieces together in his video on the topic. His sources told him that it is coming “soon” and is being developed by Bluepoint and QLOC, which are two teams that are famous for their remasters. The remaster will allegedly have faster loading times, improved textures, better character models, and some quality-of-life improvements.

Bloodborne PS5 and PC rumors are gaining more and more steam

However, he explained that this is mainly a straightforward remaster so don’t expect big changes or additions. He doesn’t claim to know much about the PS5 version, but does offer details on the PC version. The frame rate lock is gone, meaning it can be played at higher frame rates (which has been a problem for Dark Souls PC ports in the past) and will also come with support for ultrawide monitors, 4K resolutions, and different controllers. He did note that, despite having a chromatic aberration toggle, the test build didn’t appear to have FOV sliders or resolution scaling and wasn’t sure if it would have its online modes at launch. It also wasn’t clear if it would have cross-platform play with the PlayStation versions.

Before closing out, PC Gaming Inquisition stated that Sony was not done with PC ports, but the company wouldn’t put every first-party game on PC. He cited the rumored Demon’s Souls remaster as a PS5 exclusive (although, like these other games, that could possibly end up on PC in the future). He was honest in that people might not believe his small channel, but, given how his information lines up with other reputable sources, it appears to be more trustworthy than other relatively obscure YouTubers.