GeForce RTX 3080 images leak (and it looks kinda weird)

Image Credit: DAVID MCNEW / Contributor / Getty Images

It looks like we’ve just gotten our first GeForce RTX 3080 images and it looks rather… interesting. Nvidia has always had some cool designs for their graphics cards, but the look of this upcoming next-gen graphics card in the 30 series certainly looks very different.

The images came from the Chinese forum ChipHell (via tom’s guide). In it, we see a single-fan design that also appears to have a strange issue: the card’s outer casing appears to have been installed upside down. (Note the location of the PCIe slot.)

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The GeForce RTX 3080 images show two cards side-by-side, one with its (apparently misaligned) outer shell and one without. The internals of the card show a massive heatsink but only a single fan to help keep things cool, a pretty radical departure from recent high-powered cards. Most higher-end cards use at least two fans (if not three) for cooling, so one wonders how well this will manage heat.

Aesthetics aside, it’s nice to see that Nvidia has the next-gen of graphics well into production. Let’s just hope we won’t have to flip things upside down to make it look nice.