Nintendo Direct Mini announced but fans are already expecting too much

Nintendo Direct Mini has been announced this morning, with the company revealing that it plans to hold an event that’s focused on games from its development and publishing partners. However, despite clearly outlining what this Direct Mini will entail, fans are already going full steam ahead with theories about which huge games will be announced during the presentation.

The Nintendo Direct Mini will go live on July 20 at 7 AM PT, with Nintendo stating that it would offer “a few updates on a small group of previously-announced Nintendo Switch games.” However, the conversation around the announcement quickly devolved into assumptions that Nintendo was going to use the Direct Mini to make some big announcements.

The most-liked response to the tweet speculates that a new ZeldaMario, or Metroid game could be announced during the show, while others have suggested that the rumored Super Mario All-Stars 3D will be officially unveiled. This is despite the Mini being labeled a ‘Partner Showcase’ specifically focusing on non-Nintendo developers creating games for the Switch.

Given the amount of speculation generated by Nintendo’s tweet, it’s inevitable that some will be disappointed by what the company will discuss later today. With each new announcement of a Nintendo Direct leading to assertions that a shock sequel will be announced or a long-forgotten franchise will be revived, this Partner Showcase seems like a no-win situation for the games that do get spotlighted.

Still, if you acknowledge that today’s Direct Mini won’t be filled with shock announcements but you’re still in the mood for some speculation, Nintendo potentially teased a new Super Mario and a new F-Zero game last week. While we almost certainly won’t see either of those two games during today’s event, hopefully we’ll learn more about these mysterious rumors sooner rather than later.