Report: PS5 demo kiosks going up in the UK

The global pandemic has led to a slow run-up to the next generation of game consoles. However, we may finally be ramping up to pre-orders and live demos for the PS5. A user on Twitter spotted brand-new PlayStation demo kiosks being installed inside a UK electronics retailer.

IRON CORE spotted the PlayStation-branded kiosks at Curry’s PC World, and it wasn’t yet fully assembled. Unfortunately, we can’t be positive that it’s meant to house demos for Sony’s next console as there’s no PS5 badging visible in the photo. However, the kiosk uses a blend of white and blue colors. This motif is an integral part of the PlayStation 5’s design.

Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of almost every major gaming event this year, these kiosks will be one of the only ways fans get to try out the new console. We’ve been feverishly awaiting pre-orders for the PS5, and these kiosks might be the first substantial evidence that the console will be available for pre-purchase soon.

The slow trickle of info on the PS5 has been maddening. We finally got to see the DualSense controller in action last week on stream. We learned it has a microphone that’ll facilitate new interactions in games. However, we haven’t even had a candid look at the console yet. Usually, by now, we’ve seen the console on stage at the very least. These kiosks might actually be the first viewing of the PS5 outside of the reveal pre-rendered PR shots.

There are still a ton of questions concerning the PS5 that have yet to be answered. We haven’t gotten a look at the system interface, how menus and games work, but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. If PS5 consoles are hosted in these kiosks, we can likely look forward to finally getting a lot more answers soon.

[H/T: PlayStationLifeStyle]