Tetris Effect: Connected will be free for current PS4, PC, and VR owners next year

Tetris Effect never launched on the Xbox One, but it is being welcomed to the Xbox family via Tetris Effect: Connect, as Microsoft showed in the Xbox Games Showcase. This grand update will feature an “optimized” campaign as well as new multiplayer modes. And while this content will be exclusive to the Xbox systems in the fall when it launches, it will all come to the PS4, Epic Games Store, and Oculus Quest versions for free sometime in summer 2021.

Tetris Effect: Connect is only coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Windows Store on PC in holiday 2020, which will be odd for PC owners who have the game on the Epic Store because, despite being on the same system, they’ll have to wait, too. It’ll be on Xbox Game Pass when it comes out and also be compatible with Smart Delivery, which will ensure that you get the best version. All three of these versions will also have full crossplay, but it remains to be seen if that will transfer over to the PS4, Epic Store, and Oculus versions next year.

The new content is quite significant for a free patch, too. Three players can play online or locally through the Connected mode where the trio of Tetris players play on one big field against AI bosses. Zone Battle is a one-on-one battle mode that utilizes the Zone mechanic from the original release, which is the special ability that stops time. However, the “optimized” single-player portion was not detailed so that’s still up to speculation.