Ghost of Tsushima has the fastest-selling debut for an original IP PS4 game

Ghost of Tsushima is the fastest-selling first-party original IP debut in the history of the PS4. Sucker Punch’s pseudo-historical epic set on Tsushima Island has wowed the public and is a breath of fresh air in a sea of sequels and remakes.

PlayStation congratulated Sucker Punch Productions via Twitter for its feat. The tweet quoted that Ghost of Tsushima had sold 2.4 million units globally in its first 3 days on the market. This is amazing considering it released in the shadow of the goliath The Last of Us 2, which sold over four million copies in its first three days.

Ghost of Tsushima has been so popular that there have been shortages of physical copies. Luckily, Amazon will have more of the standard edition in next week. However, the Special and Collector’s Editions are only available through a third-party seller.

For a comparison of just how good Ghost of Tsushima‘s sales are, you just have to look at some past Sony successes. Horizon Zero Dawn released in 2017 and sold 2.6 million copies in two weeks, which was heralded as a huge success. It remains to be seen how Ghost of Tsushima will do over the long run, but Sony obviously considers it a hit.

It’s unsurprising Ghost of Tsushima has seen such success. It’s a beautiful game with satisfying combat and an enchanting open world. Mack Ashworth reviewed the title for Game Revolution, and he was pleased with his time spent in Tsushima. Lack of mission variety and a short final act didn’t deter too much from a great experience.

Kudos to Sucker Punch for a job well done. Hopefully, we’ll see a Ghost of Tsushima 2 sooner rather than later.

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